Retail License Applications

Applying for a Retail License

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Applicants should also consider the following requirements when applying for a license:

      • Proximity to Community Locations - click here - All retail licensees are required to meet certain proximity restrictions, meaning they must not be located too close to schools, churches, parks, playgrounds, or libraries.
      • Owner and Manager Background Checks - click here - Criminal history background checks are required for most owners and anyone employed to act in a supervisory or managerial capacity.
      • Manager and Employee Training - click here - Every individual who is employed to sell or furnish alcoholic beverages, as well as managers, must complete and pass an approved alcohol server training within 30 days of employment.  Every manager employed in a DABS retail licensed business must also complete a manager training program.
      • Conditional Retail Licenses - may be approved conditionally by the commission before the applicant has:
        1. Completed remodeling or construction of their building,
        2. Acquired the bond and insurance,
        3. Submitted menus,
        4. Completed manager training, and
        5. Before the applicant has a business license. 

However, they cannot be open - selling or furnishing alcohol - until all conditions are met and approved by DABS.  The conditional license will expire 18 months after the day it was issued.  The commission may also approve an additional 6 months with:

        • An active building permit, and
        • Proof they are engaged in a good faith effort to complete it on time.

Seasonal Licenses also Available:

      • A summer seasonal license runs from May 1st, until October 31st.
      • Winter seasonal license runs from November 1st to April 30th.