Use this Excel spreadsheet to export the product lists for the current fiscal period. To view products by category and subcategory, filter by the category name you wish to see.

Product List & Availability Information Here


Description: The product name and size.

Div, Dept, and Class: DABS Category codes assigned to products (View Categories)

Size: Volume of the product in milliliters

CSC: The unique product identification number

Status: The listing status of a product (View Status codes)

On SPA: Special pricing flag (View Policy)


Status Code Description
1 General distribution product
D Discontinued general distribution product (limited quantity)
L Limited, high end product (sold at select stores)
X Discontinued limited product (sold at select stores)
A Product is allocated in certain quantities at select stores
U Product will be unavailable shortly
S Product available by special order only.
N Unavailable general item.
T Trial product.