Vendor Forms

Product Listing Packet

Forms that make up the Product Listing Packet submitted by the vendor are:

Label and Packaging Approval Application

Form used to apply for approval of label and packaging of alcoholic beverage with Utah DABS.

Small Producer Application for Reduced Markup

Please use the form below to apply for reduced markup according to manufacturer type and annual production.

To complete the application, please have ready copies of the following to attach:

  • A list of all DBAs used by the producer (if using more than one DBA).
  • TTB Basic Permit.
  • TTB monthly or quarterly production operations reports covering the past 12-month period.

In addition, if the applicant is part of a controlled group of manufacturers as defined in Utah Administrative Rule R82-1-102, please have the following:

  • List of all members of the controlled group.
  • Organization and tax forms as specified in the application.
  • TTB production reports for all members of the controlled group covering the past 12-month period.

You will also need to provide the following if applicable:

  • Utah manufacturing license number if the producer is located in Utah.
  • Utah Certificate of Approval number for out-of-state brewers, if the producer is a brewer.
  • Utah DABS vendor number, if one has been assigned.

PLEASE NOTE: The application cannot be processed without all required fields completed and all required attachments.

Bailment Agreement