Training Sign-Up

Please follow the instructions below for the appropriate type of training, or to reprint a certificate for completed training.

Please read before you register for manager training.

In order to take the online course you will need to register for a free DABS Learning Portal account at

You will be asked for your First Name, Last Name, valid email, password, timezone, and DABS License
#. Ensure that you erase the text that says, “Replace this text with your DABS License #” and replace
it with your DABS License number. Security Keyword should not be altered or erased.

Once on the home page select On-Premises Retail Manager Training.

After course completion, you can print your certificate by clicking on the PRINT CERTIFICATE button.

To print additional and/or replacement certificates, log back into the DABS Learning Portal page
provided above (username is the email used when registering) and click on the three black lines in the
upper left-hand corner. From here click the “Me” menu.

Select the green part of the circle.

Click the PRINT CERTIFICATE button and you’re done!

If you would like a printable version of these instructions, please click here.