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Licenses may be renewed beginning on the 1st day of whichever month your renewal is due and ends the last day of that same month. (See the table to the right to see your license due date).

Renewal notices are mailed out prior to the first of the month. On the renewal notice, you will find the license number and renewal ID number printed on it.  You will need this in order to log into the system.

When entering the license number in the login screen, make sure the first two letters are capitalized. For example, use "RE99999" and not "re99999." Please contact the DABS Help Desk at 801-977-6939 or

RETAIL LICENSEES -  All renewals must be submitted annually and completed no later than the due date listed below:

License Type Description Abbreviation Renewal Due Date
Beer-Only Restaurant RB January 31
On-Premise Beer - Recreational BE January 31
Off-Premises Beer OP January 31



January 31
Bar CL May 31
Airport Lounge AL September 30
Arena AR September 30
Banquet BC September 30
Hospitality Amenity HA September 30
Hotel HL September 30
Resort RS September 30
Restaurant (Full Service) RE September 30
Restaurant (Limited Service) RL September 30
Renew Retail License