Department of Alcohol Beverage Control launches new name, new mission statement

(credit: Utah DABS)

Salt Lake City, UT — Utah’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is getting a service-first facelift with the launch of its new name and new mission. The DABC Director Tiffany Clason will unveil the department’s new mission statement and discuss new service initiatives at an event on June 1, 2022.

“The DABC proudly serves all Utahns, both drinkers and nondrinkers, in our financial contributions to state services, in our support of Utah’s hospitality and tourism economy, and in our health and safety work benefitting all Utah families. The new name, new mission, and new services reflect our role in a thriving Utah,” said Clason.

Clason says the event is being held at The Gateway in Salt Lake City, highlighting the DABC’s role in community gathering places for Utahns and tourists who visit restaurants and shops, contributing to our state’s economy. Joining Clason at the event are government, industry, and alcohol safety representatives, each discussing their part in DABC projects and services.