Governor Cox proclaims April Alcohol Awareness Month in Utah

DABC announces new programs in support of alcohol safety, education

Salt Lake City, UT — Utah Governor Spencer Cox today proclaimed April Alcohol Awareness Month in Utah. The governor’s proclamation recognizes the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s role in promoting alcohol safety by ending underage drinking and raising awareness about the harms that alcohol misuse can cause.

“The state of Utah is committed to promoting healthy families and reducing the harmful effects of alcohol consumption,” said Governor Cox in his proclamation.

The proclamation goes on to acknowledge the DABC’s alcohol prevention education work to include overseeing the statewide Parents Empowered committee that reduces underage drinking, and partnerships with local businesses that are licensed to sell alcohol, local law enforcement, and other community partners.

The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control recognizes Alcohol Awareness Month with new programs that support responsible alcohol use.  

“Alcohol Awareness Month is a good opportunity to step back and examine how we are doing our part to educate on the dangers of irresponsible alcohol use. The DABC is committed to fulfilling our role to reasonably satisfying public demand for alcohol products, working in collaboration with local businesses that sell alcohol, while educating the public on the harms that alcohol misuse can cause,” said DABC Director Tiffany Clason.

Director Clason announces the following programs in support of Alcohol Awareness Month:

  • Mocktail competition – The first-ever DABC mocktail competition will happen as part of the annual Park City Restaurant Association Cocktail Competition. The goal for the mocktail section is to allow skilled bartenders to showcase their skills making alcohol-free drinks and demonstrate to the public that designated drivers, people under the age of 21, and anyone wanting to consume less or no alcohol can also enjoy fun, refreshing drinks as alternatives to alcoholic beverages.
  • Statewide law enforcement trainings – The DABC is sponsoring statewide law enforcement “trace trainings” throughout the spring and summer, in which police are trained on how to investigate where an individual over-consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel. The trainings are meant to give law enforcement the tools to identify which bars and restaurants have a pattern of over-serving customers so those dangerous practices can be remedied.
  • Mystery Shops

Clason says funding for the new programs is from a grant awarded to the DABC by the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association, which coordinates between alcohol control states and works on the national scale towards responsible-only alcohol consumption.